Hằng Nga guesthouse popularly known as the “Crazy House” is an unconventional building designed & constructed by Vietnamese architect Đặng Việt Nga in Đà Lạt, Vietphái nam.

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Described as a “fairy tale house” (Hằng Nga, Vietnamese: 姮娥, is the Chinese goddess of the Moon), the building"s overall thiết kế resembles a giant tree, incorporating sculptured design elements representing natural forms such as animals, mushrooms, spider webs & caves. Its architecture, comprising complex, organic, non-rectilinear shapes, has been described as expressionist. Nga has acknowledged the inspiration of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí in the building"s design, and visitors have variously drawn parallels between it & the works of artists such as Salvador Dalí and Walternative text Disney. Since its opening in 1990, the building has gained recognition for its quality architecture, being highlighted in numerous guidebooks & listed as one of the world"s ten most “bizarre” buildings in the Chinese People"s Daily.

Architect"s statement: Hang Nga Villa, later on called Crazy House, because its first name has been used for some other places.Within the end of the past century in Vietnam as well as in several places in the world, nature and the environment have been much destroyed. At present men have paid too dear for it. With the voice of architecture I wish khổng lồ lead the men khổng lồ come back to lớn nature, keep cthua trận touch with nature & love it và not make full use of it and destroy it.


Hang Nga (the Moon) Villa also gives expression khổng lồ the life & work style of myself và at the same time the creative style of an architect. After being graduate at the architecture university of Moscow (1959 - 1965) & then in the stage of doctorate schooling (1969 - 1972) I came back khổng lồ Hanoi and had official business in Architecture Design Institutes of the Building Ministry, Cultural Ministry. In 1983, I was transferred to lớn Dalat & worked at the Building Design Institute.


I lượt thích Dalat, it is the beautiful landscape, sound climate, the gentleness và good nature of the in habitants và calm of Dalat have influeneed my decision to lớn stay và there all my life. After designing several projects for the State, and also because of my own pleasure, the passion of architecture creation has pushed up me to lớn begin lớn give sầu expression to my own dreams.


Though I have sầu been firmed regularly, in the Hang Nga (The Moon), Villa, I wanted to break traditional practices by forming không tính tiền volumes with không lấy phí curves và structures, not dependent classic principles in the arrangement of masses of straight lines & square planes as usual. Especially it is used here spaces open on the four sides of the room lớn create the richness of the environing visibility.

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The Moon Villa (Crazy House) was built in the years (1990 - 2010) including: in the hollow of tree roots, và been cut short stone slabs, man can also create warm và comfortable rooms even abstruse, attractive castles. This place is at the same time a sight seeing spot/ a mini hotel.

Every person thirsts for Independence Liberty. I therefore give expression to such ideas.

The designer, the person guiding the construction and the owner of Crazy House, the architect Dr. Dang Viet Nga.



Crazy House is known as one of the most strange buildings in the world. When you enter Crazy House, you will instantly feel a cool, fresh air as if you were in a forest. Visiting Crazy House is taking a journey in giant tree trunks with the small winding paths. The tree trunks are connected by the tree branches. You won’t know where these branches may lad. They can take you closer khổng lồ the sky – the top of Crazy House or they can take you to the ocean – a room with 3D painting of sea creatures.


Crazy House is so much more than a building. It represents for the artistic freedom. It is also a venue for tourists who want to experience something different. And more importantly, it presents the beauty and the magnificence of nature, & we can feel không tính phí khổng lồ enjoy, explore nature but we have sầu to lớn save sầu it.



Not only can you visit it - you can also sleep in it

Crazy House is also a khách sạn with some guest rooms for those who want to live closer khổng lồ the nature. We have sầu total 10 guest rooms located inside the building in form of tree trunks. Each room is named after an animal and it represents for a country: Bamboo room for Vietnam, Bear for Russia,… To introduce the concept of “Bachồng khổng lồ nature”, our rooms are outfitted with natural furniture & essential facilities; therefore, you can not find the modern equipments such as television, air conditioner. Living in the hollow of the tree trunks will give sầu you the warm and pleasant feeling as if Mother Nature is sheltering you. With this idea, we hope that everytoàn thân will be more eco-conscious & will vày things to lớn save sầu our planet.