The Best Mau Son Mountain Travel Guide, The Seasonal Loveliness Of Mau Son Mountain

Mau Son Mountain is in Loc Binh and Cao Loc Districts of Lang Son Province, northern Vietnam. The mountain is 30km east of Lang Son City and 180km north-east of Hanoi.

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The average elevation of the area of Mau Son Mountain is 800-1,000 above sea level, and there are over 80 mountain peaks in Mau Son many of which is from 1,300m to over 1,500m above sea level. Mau Son Mountain covers an area of 10,740 hectares of which over 1,500 hectares is with primeval forests. Mau Son nowadays attracts a lot of Vietnamese tourists in the summer for the cool climate and in the winter for the snow.


The road from the foot of the mountain to top is 16km with steep gradients

Mau Son Mountain has two seasons per year: winter from November to March and summer from April to October. It may get down to below Zero degree in the winter and it doesn”t get above 24 Degrees Celsius in the summer.

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Mau Son offers fresh mountain landscape that you may want to capture with your camera

The area of Mau Son is home to different ethnic groups including the Dao, Tay, Nung and Kinh. The ethnic people live on produce from the mountains and forests which include forest lemon, honey, bamboo shoots, forest chilli, and tea (Che Tuyet). Visiting Mau Son Mountain you can also enjoy the famous rice spirit brewed by local ethnic people and have herbal bath by local Dao People.


If you go trekking, then there are a few steep mountain slopes leading to ethnic villages.

Xem thêm: Get High Nghĩa Là Gì ? Ý Nghĩa Của Get High Get High Nghĩa Là Gì Và Cách Dùng Trong Tiếng Anh offers motorbike tours to Mau Son Mountain from Lang Son City. The trip to Mau Son also includes mountain hiking and trekking to visit ethnic villages. The trip from Lang Son city takes one day, if you like to stay overnight at Mau Son, then there are simple guest houses on the mountain top.


Sometimes the mountains are covered in fog at Mau Son


It may get too foggy that driving up or down is hard enough


There are villas and ruins of from the French time when Mau Son was a popular hill station like Tam Dao and Sapa

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