Take Steps Là Gì

take steps khổng lồ (do something)

To bởi vì what is necessary to prepare for or begin doing something.

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We"re currently taking steps khổng lồ secure funding for the project before we announce it khổng lồ the public. Following public outcry, the company has taken steps lớn rectify the discriminatory hiring practices.See also: step, take

take steps (to lớn prsự kiện something)

Fig. lớn vì chưng what is necessary lớn prsự kiện something. I took steps to lớn prevent John from learning what we were talking about. I have sầu khổng lồ keep John from knowing what I"ve been doing. I can prsự kiện it if I take steps.See also: step, take

take steps

Begin a course of action, as in The town is taking steps lớn provide better street lights, or They took steps khổng lồ keep their plans secret.

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See also: step, take

take steps

adopt a particular course of action in order to lớn bring about a particular result.See also: step, takeSee also:

take steps

begin to make plans or arrangements, make preparations The company has begun to lớn take steps lớn stop people from smoking in the main office building.

take steps to lớn prevent

Idiom(s): take steps (to lớn prevent sth)Theme: PREVENTIONto vì what is necessary khổng lồ prsự kiện something.• I took steps lớn prsự kiện John from learning what we were talking about.• I have to lớn keep John from knowing what I"ve sầu been doing. I can prevent it if I take steps.

take steps|steps|take

v. phr. To begin lớn make plans or arrangements; make preparations; give orders. Usually used with "to" và an infinitive. The đô thị is taking steps lớn replace its streetcars with busses.
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